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What is Ozone?

ozoneOzone is a highly reactive form of oxygen. An oxygen molecule contains two oxygen atoms which share an electron each and this makes it a very happy, stable molecule.

A single oxygen atom doesn’t have enough electrons so it cannot last in this universe on its own. The positive and negative charges are not balanced as it has an unpaired electron. So it instantaneously teams up with another oxygen atom to form oxygen (O2) with two oxygen atoms combined! In other words they share an electron and this makes them happy and they stay married for years.

Ozone is O3. In this state, ozone has one too many oxygen atoms and you have three oxygen atoms sharing the amount of electrons that make two oxygen happy.
This state cannot last for a long time as it is very unstable. The third oxygen immediately splits off which is what makes O3 so reactive and thus giving it its medicinal properties.

Immune system produce Ozone to kill bacteria

So, if you have O2 in the rectum or on the skin or in the bladder it does nothing. O3 on the other hand, when put into or onto a tissue it is very reactive and instantaneously it will find another double bond (an unpaired molecule) in the body and react with it.

When this  happening to the double bonds in the lipids, in the serum and in the white blood cells and red blood cells, you get the formation of lipid peroxides (ozonides) and it is the ozonides that effect a whole series of biochemical reactions and initialize the therapeutic benefits of ozone therapy lasting several days or even weeks.

When you place ozone, for instance, in the rectum, it reacts instantaneously. It’s gone, but you have a bunch of short chained peroxides (ozonides), which easily penetrate cell membranes, stay there and exhibit their benefits, as we mentioned earlier, for a long time.

By saturating the body with peroxides, the total body energy is increased. This is accomplished when ozonides penetrate cell membranes and consequently penetrate into the membranes of mitochondria. When inside the mitochondria, the cellular energy production is increased (the ATP) as they were stimulated by peroxides. These same peroxides also stimulate the white blood cells to make immune modulating substances called cytokines. Hence the immune stimulating and immune enhancing benefits of O3 therapies should also be noted.

When ozone is administered repetitively, there is a step- up in the amount of peroxides in the body, to peak levels.

At that point, the presence of these peroxides induces the formation of the anti-oxidant enzymes systems in the body, so that even though more peroxides are being added, the serum peroxide level goes down as more treatments are given. Therefore, there will be no excessive amounts of peroxides in the body.

To sum up, O3 therapies bring about cellular rejuvenation and anti-aging processes by reversing the damage done to the cellular systems.


There are a number of induction effects generated by ozone in the body.

Ozone benefits pisture for email

Ozone can do the following:
— It can increase metabolism by as much as 40%.
— It improves circulation due to its vasodilatory effects hence increases blood flow
— It increases the production of cytokines from white blood cells and that is why it is so effective in treating infections.
— It increases antioxidant buffering capacity. When antioxidant buffering capacity is depleted, the person effected is unable to control free radical bursts. Ozone therapy restores those antioxidant buffering systems.
— It stimulates the nrf2 pathway which is a major antioxidant pathway that controls the well-being of our cells. Ozone revs this pathway up.
— It potentials an antibiotic therapy. No organism can develop resistance when using this treatment.

Basically ozone therapy is a rejuvenation therapy. It works at the cellular and subcellular levels. It repairs stressed cellular systems and is beneficial to the health of the entire body.


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