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NASA studies

The PEMF technology has been studied by NASA in a four-year, $3.5 million study, with very positive results.

This four year study used volunteers “to define the most effective electromagnetic fields for enhancing growth and repair in mammalian tissues,” To utilize “nerve tissue which has been refractory to efforts to stimulate growth or enhance its repair regardless of the energy used”, to define a PEMF technology that would “duplicate mature, three dimensional morphology between neuronal cells and feeder (glial) cells, which has not been previously accomplished.”Concluding four-year-long research efforts NASA’s concluded: “The up-regulation of these genes is in no manner marginal (1.7-8.4 logs) with gene sites for collagen production and growth the most actively stimulated”, “We have clearly demonstrated the bioelectric/biochemical potentiation of nerve stimulation and restoration in humans as a documented reality”, “The most effective electromagnetic field for repair of trauma was square wave with a rapid rate of change (dB/dt) which saw cell growth increased up to 4.0 times.” They further noted that “slowly varying (millisecond pulse, sine wave) or non-varying DC (CW lasers, magnets) had little to no effect.” NASA’s suggested recommendations: “One may use square wave EM fields with a rapid rate of change for”: repairing traumatized tissues, moderating certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, treatment of some muscle disorders, in healing refractory broken bones, and developing tissues for transplantation.

We, humans, are electromagnetic beings and electromagnetism is a life force for us – as it is for the entire universe. All cells within our body are communicating via electrical impulses. Scientists and doctors have wondered for years if by upregulating and manipulating those impulses human health and well-being can be improved. According to the most cutting-edge modern science, PEMF technology can help prevent tissue decay for many hours and NASA research has proved that it definitively could. Overall, it enhances the way your body properly works in many cases controlling and treating inflammation a leading cause of countless chronic illnesses and relieving pain and halting all aging symptoms with no side effects.

We finally reach the time in our human history that not only astronauts travelling into the outer space of planet Earth are benefiting from PEMF technology. Swiss Bionic Solutions systems have been manufacturing PEMF home units that could benefit all of us. As PEMF technology has no risks and potentially huge benefits for all of us – why not to try it?



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